What Is Omarsys Event Tracking And How Does It Work?

The Omarsys Event Tracking software, or as we call it in-house ET, is a solution that integrates with third-party trackers and posts back events in real-time.

In affiliation, once traffic is forwarded there are various events occurring such as page views, clicks, registrations, logins, etc. This information is the backbone of affiliates and so with Omarsys Event Tracking we give the option to integrate with Affiliates’ third party software. In this manner, affiliates can gauge their performance in real-time while also be able to track and optimize their own sites.

Since each and every affiliate has unique third-party software, building an integration for each and everyone would be complex and require a lot of time. Therefore our system offers integration in the way of HTTP requests. What this means is that our clients would need to send us a GET request with parameters to distinguish between affiliates, event types, and so on and so forth.

Once that is done, affiliates then can add their own choice of parameters they would like to track, and then we would pass all the information provided to us back to both our clients and affiliates in real-time through ET. These HTTP requests are fast in that we store these requests in an asynchronous queue which in turn gives back the response to both our clients and affiliates immediately. 

From the Omarsys Event Tracking  side, we also offer the option to define what triggers an event, therefore our clients can specify if an event should be triggered by a specific user action such as click, registration or sale only. The flow of this is usually done in the following (simplified) steps:

  1. User clicks on the affiliate’s tracker
  2. The user then is redirected to our client’s page
  3. User registers
  4. User makes a sale

All the above can be triggered in ET and all can set off the postback that returns all the event data back to both our clients and affiliates in an instant. When these triggers are fired, there is a corresponding count in our system that can help our clients view all the above steps or the defined steps as mentioned earlier should the defined requirements be met. 

It is good to note that there can be any amount of information returned depending on the client’s setup. The sale amount and currency can be returned as well as the time and date or any other parameter the client wishes to add, all at once. 

There are many options offered from the Omarsys Event Tracking system in order to track an event, however only 1 of these options can be set and they are the following:

  • Webhook
  • email
  • Javascript
  • Pixel 

Whichever is chosen from the above options Omarsys always stores all requests in our access logs, this is for us to check should there be an issue when firing a trigger, and also to check that all parameters are passing the data that was requested. 

In addition to all the above, once a user has clicked through, we have a recognition feature in that the user’s unique identifier will have all the previous parameters tagged onto them. When the same user visits and triggers events, that same unique identifier will attach all the previous parameters to the new event triggered. 

This solution is a very demanded feature, one that we continuously build upon and improve for our clients to use effectively.

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Krzysztof Korzeniewski


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