Reliability and Strength

Omarsys handles millions of actions every day without nagging doubts about accuracy, transparency and representation.

Multi-reward based (CPA, CPL, etc.)

Multi-reward based

Omarsys features full flexibility of reward options, including; Revenue Share, CPA, CPL, CPC, or even flat fee or paid media purchases. Whatever your partners’ need, Omarsys can support it.

Highly configurable

Highly configurable

At Omarsys, we have created a software that is modular, meaning we can ensure that building, testing, maintenance and deployment of new features is as fast and secure as possible.

Unlimited brands/products

Unlimited brands and products

Unlike other providers, we can run multiple brands, products and services from a single setup, meaning you don’t have to have several expensive environments to run a more complex affiliate marketing program. We’ve got you covered.

Extra tools (reimports, retagging, etc) ADMIN POWER

Admin Control

No need to wait for a developer to make changes that should be in your control. Empower your team by using our admin rights, allowing them to control the important tasks (reimporting data, retagging, etc.)

Booster Settings

Multi-level affiliation

Want to introduce super affiliates into your mix? We have you covered, with up to 10 levels of sub-affiliation and multi-level marketing options available.

Multi Level Affiliation

Booster settings

This new feature in Omarsys allows to reward your best, new or most performant partners and affiliates. You can set additional ‘bonus’ payments to recompense their performance or just to welcome them to your platform.

The Next Generation of Online Tracking it’s here!

No hidden tariffs, no expensive add-ons, you can be confident that every feature needed is included from day 1, with new innovations being released continuously, to your advantage.

Other Features



Your data when you need it. Brand and affiliates’ campaigns.



One fee, all features. No hidden costs, no nasty surprises.



Your data is precious, all your informations are protected.