The Importance of Professional Affiliate Software

There’s no surprise, that the affiliate network is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, worth over $6.4 billion in turnover in 2019 alone, and it is not stopping any time soon. Every year, more businesses are adopting an affiliate marketing strategy for their products and services, while affiliate networks are catering their assistance to their demands. Hence why setting up an affiliate program for your brand is more important than ever.

While, of course, you could create your own affiliate platform, this route is usually too costly and inefficient for many companies. Not only companies would have to integrate various software applications, monitor campaigns, they would also have to keep their affiliates happy, sales running smooth, and leads functioning. It would be a matter of trial and error before companies would find what works best for their brand. But we can let you in on a little secret – working with Omarsys affiliate platform eliminates most of these issues and brings countless advantages to fulfill your company’s needs. 

Five reasons you should use Omarsys professional affiliate software for your brand

As mentioned previously, creating your own performance marketing platform is a challenging route to take, so here are five reasons why you should use Omarsys affiliate management system to grow your online business. 

  1. A simple & customizable interface 

Affiliate networks like Omarsys offer a state of the art dashboard that will allow you to monitor impressions, clicks, conversions, as well as overall revenue. You can easily see which of your affiliates are performing the best and how well each campaign is doing. On top of it, you can easily export the data to use in your own company spreadsheets and statistics. Our interface is sleek, elegant, and very easy to use.

Affiliates love an easy-to-use interface over a clunky homegrown setup, which is also often missing the key features. We listen to feedback from both affiliates and operators to make sure our product is on point and constantly improve it to meet and exceed the industry’s standards! 

  1. It will help you save time

Setting up an account at Omarsys can be done in a matter of days. Instead of investing large amounts of time programming your own platform, you can get a tailored & customizable solution, which is trusted by major industry brands. This will help you reach your goals faster and grow more rapidly than before. 

  1. Free Training and 24/7 Support

Our affiliate platform is not only easy to use but also works without a hitch. We want our clients to succeed, therefore we are offering a training to your staff on how to use our software to its full potential (all secrets included!). Once they understand the software, they will have more time to dedicate to other business-related tasks. On top of that, we have an excellent support team to help you with any technical issues. They will assist you with your account, while helping you maximize revenue. 

  1. Custom features

Even though we offer a finished, state of the art, affiliate software, we can modify our platform with custom features, which we tailor to clients’ demand. Let us know what you need, and our software developers will come up with a handy solution in no time.

  1. We charge purely on usage

Omarsys charges only per media events (such as impressions and clicks), instead of per feature, which can add up to quite a bill. With Omarsys You will get access to all features on our platform immediately. This also means, that at no additional cost you will benefit from any new features being added to our software. 

Omarsys is an affiliate marketing system that really works and is becoming a leader in the industry. Our trusted software solution will eliminate any need for in-house developers, because why would you want to re-invent the bicycle when Omarsys is all ready and waiting for you?! We at Omarsys want to see your brand succeed! Get in touch with one of our dedicated account managers today and let’s see your brand skyrocket into new heights.

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Aurimas Vilkaitis


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